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Talk:Boney Grendel

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Hmm... well, I've put the Boney Grendel as an official breed because it was a lot supported by CL, they acted as if it were an official breed, even making official promotional images of the boney grendels... So, these are the reason I changed that.

If I recall correctly, I read somewhere a long time ago that the Boney Grendels were actually the original design for Grendels in Creatures 2, but were deemed too scary and replaced by the "Bulbous" sort. Also, a picture of a Boney is smack-dab on the back of my Creatures 2 Deluxe box with an orange "New!" next to it (despite the fact they aren't included, so go figure). Is there any evidence of this re-design besides in my memory? -Anduin 07:47, 5 March 2006 (UTC)