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Editnorn.png This article is about a project that was cancelled or put on extended hiatus.

Talamh (working title) is a metaroom designed by SpiritWolf77. The room is currently in the planning/concept art stages. The name "Talamh" is taken from the scottish gaelic word for "land." Unlike the majority of the metarooms for C3/DS that are currently out there, this room will be short and wide, with only a few levels (two or three) but a variety of different panel environments set side-by-side, similar in style to the original C1 world.


Talamh will contain a number of different biomes. Currently planned are a marsh, a temperate forest, and an icy tundra (ideas for more biomes are welcome). Environmental conditions, flora, fauna, and perhaps weather (if the coding can be done) will vary greatly from biome to biome.

The metaroom will also contain some sort of living structure that will act as a norn home. Most likely some sort of temple at the far end of the marsh. There may also be structures in the other biomes, such as a treehouse in the forest biome.


Each biome will contain a unique set of plant and animal life.

Marsh - A variety of wetland plantlife including reeds and grasses. Animals may consist of amphibians, perhaps an aligator-esque animal. Also some birds (think swans or ducks). Mammals will be minimal and small, mostly rodents.

Forest - Typical forest plants. Animals similar to those that might be seen in a typical forest (deer, foxes, squirrels, etc).

Tundra - Minimal plantlife. As the forest bleeds into the tundra, a few evergreens and shrubs will be found. Possibly some sort of scarce but unique plant (working title" ice plant). Perhaps a penguin-like animal and some small mammals.


Each biome will have appropriately-themed agents (toys, movers, lifts, etc). For example, the tundra may have ice blocks that can be played with by the norns. The forest will have natural-looking wood and vine lifts.

Room contents[edit]

Proposed/possible agent/critter/plant ideas include:


  • Alligator-like critter
  • Worms or slugs
  • Variety of fish (maybe koi?)
  • Duck or swan like critters
  • Frogs
  • Reeds & grasses


  • Bluebell and poppy type flowers
  • Pinecone trees (with edible seeds)
  • Edible sap on trees or sap-dispensing plants
  • Mushrooms
  • Fox-like critter
  • Squirrel-like critter
  • Berry bushes
  • Moths


  • Fish (tuna?)
  • Prawns
  • Winter berry bushes
  • Ice plant
  • Penguin-like critter


The project is currently in the planning stages. Once concept is completed, SpiritWolf77 will begin work on the sprites and map editing and perhaps some of the coding. This project will take some time to complete because this is SpiritWolf77's first fully-functional metaroom and she's busy with college classes at the moment. Projected release date is late 2007, but this may change.

Requests for coders may come up as the project gets out of it's early stages.

If you have any suggestions on how to make this metaroom more interesting, please feel free to contact Spiritwolf77/Chelsea at sambustudios@gmail.com.

External Links[edit]

Talamh Official Site (coming soon!)