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TOTL is a CAOS command introduced in Creatures 1. It is used to count up the total number of objects of a particular classifier number. 0 can be used for either family, genus, or species as a wildcard.


TOTL family(integer) genus(integer) species(integer)

Returns the total number of agents with the given classification, with 0 being used as a wildcard.


Creatures 1[edit]

setv totl 4 2 0

Returns the number of grendels.

Creatures DS[edit]

Find how many tubas and their seeds are in the world (useful for checking if something has gone extinct or been autokilled - or if a reproducing agent is getting overpopulated!):

doif totl 2 3 16 lt 3
	setv va00 1
doif totl 2 11 8 lt 3
	setv va01 1