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TIME is a CAOS function that returns the current time of day.


Syntax: TIME

Returns an integer representing the current time of day in the world. This can be in the range from 0 (dawn) to 4 (night).


TIME can be used to create agents that act differently at different times of day - from simply having a day sprite and a night sprite, to having plants that only bloom during the day or animals that sleep at night.

Being used to change a metaroom's background between a day version and a night version:

scrp 1 1 1 9
	doif time eq 4 and bkgd ov01 eq "room-daytime"
		scam null -1
		bkgd ov01 "room-nighttime" 2
	elif time eq 0 and bkgd ov01 eq "room-nighttime"
		scam null -1
		bkgd ov01 "room-daytime" 2

Simple example for an agent that has different behavior at dawn and dusk, during the day, and at night:

doif time eq 0 or time eq 3
	gsub dawndusk
elif time eq 1 or time eq 2
	gsub day
	gsub night

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