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Super Speech Toy

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Super Speech Toy

The Super Speech Toy (SST for short) teaches 50 words, all the currently known words except for the creature's name and the hand. This is a truly educational toy. Among the words it teaches, it teaches 16 verbs instead of the original 14, all the object names, both the creature names ("norn" and "grendel"), and 13 words to let the Norn/Grendel express how it feels.

WARNING! The Super Speech Toy and other COBs that teach words are prone to aggravating a bug which exists in Creatures. This bug, known as the autosave bug, happens when the game tries to save while a creature is using the toy. (The only real workaround would make the super speech toy much less useful.) If you are concerned about this problem, I suggest using the Doctor or Cheese cheats to disable autosaves until Cyberlife comes up with a fix.

The Super Speech Toy was made by Lummox JR.

The toy can be downloaded at Eemfoo.org.