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Stress is a naturally occurring chemical of Creatures. It most commonly occurs when a Creature is inflicted with pain or is hungry for food.

Stress in all games[edit]

Stress is bad for Creatures and occurs when a drive is very high for a long period of time. Usually you'll know when a Creature is stressed because they may have a sleepy face or a mad face.

Stress can occur in these forms:

Hunger for Fat Stress: Stress caused by high need for fat.

Hunger for Protein Stress: Stress caused by high need for protein.

Hunger for Carbohydrate Stress: Stress caused by high need for carbohydrates.

Anger Stress: Caused by high anger drive.

Fear Stress: Caused by high fear drive.

Pain Stress: Caused by high pain drive.

Tired Stress: Caused by high tired drive.

Sleep Stress: Caused by high sleepiness drive.

Crowded Stress: Caused by high crowded drive.

In Creatures 1[edit]

Most of the creatures that you see in Creatures 1 are stressed, simply because of a bug where norns find it hard to eat. You're guaranteed to see at least one stressed norn in the game.

In Creatures 2[edit]

In C2, you're probably always gonna see the norn sleepy, which makes it stressed. The bug makes it so that norns have a hard time sleeping, but there are some mods that can fix that.