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Straussen Norn

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Two Straussen Norns in C12DS

The Straussen Norns are a breed variant created by NeoGecko. This is a genetic subspecies, and thus occupies no special breed slot of its own.

The Straussen Norns are based on the Hardman Norn breed, and have the same general disposition. However, the Straussen Norns have sturdy, powerful legs, and their arms are atrophied from generations of disuse on the idyllic planet where they were left by the Shee. To compensate for this, they have developed the same telekinetic ability as Gaia to summon food and items to themselves. While sociable with other norn types, and bred to be protectors of other breeds against Grendels, they are natural wanderers, and are avid portal users when they find them available.

Note that you must have or have had Gaia installed in your world (to have unpacked Gaia sprites and agents) before the Straussen Norns will function and display properly. The sprite sets used are Hardman, C3 Grendel, C3 Ettin, and Gaia sprites.

The Straussen Norns are available at Evo-tech, and were previously available at The Mystical Forests of Albia and KnyteTrypper's C3/DS Nexus.