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Stop Wallbonking!

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Stop Wallbonking! is a fix for Creatures 2 that aims to prevent wallbonking by creatures, something which the game is infamously plagued by. It was created by GimmeCat. GimmeCat recommends that Stop Wallbonking! be installed after the World Wrap Fix.

The fix alters the script that tells a norn what to do when it decides to walk west, by adding in checks for walls within 200 pixels of a norn's vicinity - if a wall is found, the action will be cancelled and the norn will walk the opposite direction instead. Similarly, if a norn decides to retreat, it will now identify which direction the source of fear is, and if a wall is detected within the vicinity, the action will be cancelled.

Some instances of wallbonking may still occur even with the fix installed, however. Norns will still wallbonk when trying to retrieve an object out of their reach, and it also won't stop a norn from wallbonking if there wasn't one in a vicinity of 200 pixels when they began walking, but if they do wallbonk the script will reset itself and they won't wallbonk again.

The Stop Wallbonking! Fix is available for download at Creatures Caves, or also available to download at Nexus Mods.

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