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Concord is stimulated by playing with the spinning top toy.
The "I have hit someone" stimulus as seen in the C3 Genetics Kit. Expand for a full view.

A stimulus is the message that an agent or COB sends to a creature, usually because the creature is interacting with it. The stimulus tells the creature that an event has just occurred (such as I have played with a toy or I have been tickled by the pointer), alters predefined chemicals by a specific amount, and in the later games, can prompt the creature to react in a certain way. Stimuli form one of the major ways that a creature experiences the world, and instincts are geared to help guide creatures towards pleasant stimuli and away from painful stimuli.

Stimulus genes within the creature's genome are responsible for determining which chemicals are raised or lowered when a stimulus is received, and how much, and how the creature may be prompted to respond. Unlike an instinct gene, which suggests which action a creature should perform to get a certain result, a stimulus gene describes the outcome of performing an action.

C3/DS stimuli list[edit]

Stimulus Numbers
Number Name Description Effect
0 Disappoint Issue to disappoint (punish) a creature for a pointless action (eg. failed to activate) Boredom, punishment, disappointment (in grendels, also causes anger). Stronger boredom in ettins.
1 Pointerpat User has patted creature Reduces anger, fear and loneliness. Gives reward. In ettins, no reduction of anger, and fear reduction is much less than in norns or grendels.
2 Creaturepat Another creature has patted you anger reduction, crowdedness added, loneliness reduction, fear reduction. In ettins, crowded added, fear reduction.
3 Pointerslap User has slapped creature fear, pain, punishment, wounded (in grendels, anger, fear, pain, punishment)(in ettins, no wounded)
4 Creatureslap Another creature has slapped you anger, fear, pain, wounded - in ettins, crowded rather than anger
5 Approaching depreciated Object is approaching Boredom reduction, loneliness reduction, slight crowded addition. In ettins, fear addition instead of loneliness reduction.
6 Retreating depreciated Object is retreating Crowded reduction, slight loneliness addition, fear reduction. In ettins, no loneliness effects.
7 Bump Wallbonk - Creature has hit a wall. "I've hit a wall". Unused by any scripts in-game. Pain, fear, wounded.
8 Newobj depreciated New object has come into view
9 Gobbeldygook Heard unrecognised speech
10 Pointerword Heard user speak
11 Creatureword Heard creature speak Slight crowded++, loneliness--, fear--. In ettins, crowded++, and fear++. In grendels, crowded++, loneliness-- and slight anger--.
12 Quiescent Emit PERIODICALLY while quiescent - "I am Quiescent (Periodic)" Slight boredom, slight coldness, slight hunger for starch, and slight decrease in pain. For ettins, slight fear-- instead of coldness++.
13 Activate1 Push - Emit AFTER activation - "I have pushed" Slight boredom--, slight coldness--, slight tiredness, slight hunger for protein. In ettins, hunger for starch instead of protein.
14 Activate2 Pull - Emit AFTER activation
15 Deactivate "I have stopped" slight boredom--, slight increase in tiredness, slight hunger for fat and protein. In ettins, greater hunger, less emotional relief.
16 Approach Emit PERIODICALLY while watching (after approach phase over) - "I have approached" Boredom--, crowded++, loneliness--, hunger for starch. In ettins, boredom--, crowded++, fear++.
17 Retreat Emit AFTER retreat - "I have retreated" Crowded--, loneliness++, fear--. In ettins, tiredness++ instead of loneliness++. In grendels, anger-- instead of fear--.
18 Get Emit AFTER get - "I have gotten" slight boredom--, slight tiredness, slight hotness, slight hunger for protein. In ettins, slight coldness--, slight reduction in fear.
19 Drop "I have dropped" Boredom, tiredness--, hunger for protein. No hunger for protein in ettins.
20 Expressneed Emit AFTER say need Anger--, Crowded--. Not present in ettins.
21 Rest Emit after resting but before falling asleep - "I have rested" slight boredom, slight hunger for starch, slight sleepiness, slight tiredness--.
22 Sleep Emit PERIODICALLY while sleeping (later in REST action) - "I am sleeping" slight sleepiness--, slight crowded--, slight tiredness--, slight boredom. In ettins, no crowded--, replaced by a slight hunger for starch.
23 Traveastwest Emit PERIODICALLY while walking west OR east - "I am travelling" slight boredom--, slight tiredness, slight coldness--. In ettins, coldness--, hotness++, tiredness.
24 Push Emit AFTER being pushed
25 Hit Emit AFTER being hit - "I've been hit" Pain, fear, wounded. In grendels, anger instead of fear.
26 Eat Emit AFTER eating Slight boredom--, coldness-- and tiredness++. In ettins, coldness-- and tiredness++.
27 Ac6 Been teleported - DS only. Associated with 'portal'-genus objects. Sharply reduces pain, crowded, and boredom in chichis and their clones, and the mall breeds. In banshee grendels, also sharply reduces anger. In treehuggers, also sharply reduces fear.
28 Invol0 Flinch in pain reaction to pain
29 Invol1 Lay egg reaction to laying an egg - removes comfort chemical, slight lowering of progesterone, causes pain and sleepiness. Comfort--, pain++, sleepiness++ and hotness++ in ettins. Pain, sleepiness, hunger for protein and hotness in grendels.
30 Invol2 Sneeze Reaction to sneezing - pain, tiredness and hotness. Also fear in ettins.
31 Invol3 Cough Pain and tiredness. In ettins, hotness too.
32 Invol4 Shiver Hotness, tiredness, coldness--
33 Invol5 Sleep Slight reduction in sleepiness and tiredness, slight increase in boredom, sleepase.
34 Invol6 Languish In grendels, increases hunger for starch.
35 Invol7 Die
36 Approaching edge depreciated Emit AFTER moving towards an edge object
37 Retreating edge depreciated Emit AFTER moving away from an edge object
38 Falling depreciated Emit whilst falling under gravity Pain, fear, wounded
39 Impact Emit after a collision
40 Pointeryes Emit after user spoken verb YES
41 Creatureyes Emit after creature spoken verb YES
42 Pointerno Emit after user spoken verb NO
43 Creatureno Emit after creature spoken verb NO
44 Aggression Emit after performing a HIT - "I have hit" Anger--, Crowded--, Tiredness, Boredom--. In ettins, crowded increase, Tiredness, Boredom--, Fear.
45 Mate Emit after mating sex drive--, libido lowerer. Slight decrease in loneliness, slight increase in tiredness. In ettins, sexdrive--, tiredness++, crowded++ and sleepiness++.
46 Oppsex tickle A tickle from a member of the opposite sex. Arousal potential, slight reduction in crowdedness and loneliness. Not present in ettins.
47 Samesex tickle A tickle from a member of the same sex.
48 Go nowhere
49 Go in Large amount of Enter
50 Go out Large amount of Exit
51 Go up Large amount of Up
52 Go down Large amount of Down
53 Go left
54 Go right
55 Reached peak of smell0 Sound
56 Reached peak of smell1 Light
57 Reached peak of smell2 Heat
58 Reached peak of smell3 Atmospheric water
59 Reached peak of smell4 Nutrients
60 Reached peak of smell5 Bodies of water - lakes, oceans, etc.
61 Reached peak of smell6 Protein
62 Reached peak of smell7 Starch
63 Reached peak of smell8 Fat
64 Reached peak of smell9 Flowers
65 Reached peak of smell10 Machinery
66 Reached peak of smell11 Creature egg - used by grendels to locate eggs to steal
67 Reached peak of smell12 Norn In norns, loneliness and boredom--.
68 Reached peak of smell13 Grendel
69 Reached peak of smell14 Ettin
70 Reached peak of smell15 Norn home In norns, large amount of comfort--, small amount of boredom
71 Reached peak of smell16 Grendel home In grendels, large amount of comfort--, small amount of fear reduction
72 Reached peak of smell17 Ettin home In ettins, large amount of comfort--, smaller amounts of fear--, pain--, slight amount of boredom.
73 Reached peak of smell18 Gadget - used by ettins to locate gadgets to steal
74 Reached peak of smell19
75 Wait Large amount of Wait
76 Discomfort In grendels and ettins, increases the comfort chemical.
77 Eaten plant Used by seeds Hunger for starch and fat--, starch and fat.
78 Eaten fruit Used in fruit and Yule Booze - "manky". Hunger for starch and protein--, starch and protein.
79 Eaten food hunger for protein and fat--, protein and fat.
80 Eaten animal hunger for protein and fat--, protein and fat.
81 Eaten detritus Pain and glycotoxin.
82 Consume alcohol Not used in C3 medicine maker "potions". Used in CL's Yule Booze - "manky". Pain--, boredom--, alcohol.
83 Danger plant Playing with a dangerous plant Pain and injury in norns, pain and wounded in grendels.
84 Friendly plant Playing with a friendly plant Loneliness-- in norns.
85 Play bug Boredom--, loneliness--
86 Play critter anger--, loneliness--. In grendels, just loneliness--.
87 Hit critter Not used in pests In grendels, slight reduction of anger and boredom.
88 Play danger animal Used in pests and beasts In norns, pain and fear. In grendels, pain and anger.
89 Activate button Slight boredom--.
90 Activate machine Used in machinery, DS dispensers, and gadgets Boredom--, hunger for fat. In ettins, boredom--, fear--.
91 Got machine Used in machinery and gadgets Boredom--, hunger for fat. In ettins, large amount of boredom--, large amount of comfort--, slight crowded--.
92 Hit machine Used in machinery, cheese dispenser, and gadgets In grendels, boredom reduction. No effects on a Civet Norn.
93 Got creature egg In norns and ettins, slight boredom--. In grendels, reduces comfort significantly, reduces boredom signficantly, slight coldness.
94 Travelled in lift removes up, down and wait chemicals
95 Travelled through meta door removes exit and wait chemicals
96 Travelled through internal door removes enter chemical
97 Played with toy Used in push scripts, and more rarely, pull scripts. In some toys such as the high-bounce rubber ball, used in the hit script, too. Boredom--

See Also[edit]

  • General sense lobe - the lobe which creatures use to sense their world.
  • Source lobe - the lobe which determines which object a creature focuses on.
  • STIM SHOU - CAOS command which sends a stimulus to all creatures within earshot of an object.
  • STIM SIGN - CAOS command which sends a stimulus to all creatures who can see an object.
  • STIM TACT - CAOS command which sends a stimulus to all creatures who are touching an object.
  • STIM WRIT - CAOS command which sends a stimulus to all creatures who are using an object.

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