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Little green cups - the source of and solution to all of Alife's problems

The Albian Hootch Still is located in the cellar of Creatures 1 Albia, near the music room, and fills the hootch cans. If you place empty wine glasses near the still, they'll be refilled too. The still itself has no effects on creatures, although they call it a vendor.

Bibble has made a Moveable Still upgrade which is available at Norntropolis, if you want to move your still out of the reach of little paws. Alex made a Hootch Hider which makes the still invisible.

In 2016, Malkin made a Still Alteration upgrade which adds a push script to the still, making it more like the Island Carrot Vendor.

The base still alteration gives:

  • 40 Hunger decrease
  • 20 Need for Pleasure decrease
  • 40 Starch

Two alcoholic variants (alcohol and purple mountain alcohol) are also available.

The still uses the C1 class number:

  • 2 8 2