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SteerPike's Curiosity Shoppe

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  • Web addresses:
    • (memorial site, archive)
    • www.donmclennan.com/curiosity/spike.html (old address for memorial site)
    • www.in2nett.com/mjerome/spike.htm (old site, down)
  • Webmaster: SteerPike
  • Contributors/Staff: LummoxJR
  • Ran from/to dates: ? - March 6, 1998 (last [and sadly, final] update)

Summary Of Content[edit]




Odds and Ends:



  • December's "I Just Gave My Own Page an Award" Award
  • 1997's Silliest & Most Unnecessary Award
  • January's "Give-Me-A-Link-On-A-Popular-Site" Award

Project Pie Fight

A Vision of Vixy

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History Of Website[edit]

Saddening Facts[edit]

SteerPike passed away on January 15, 2000. If you knew Max, you may be interested in visiting his memorial site (archive).