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Steam is an online video game distribution service that first launched in September 2003. (See Wikipedia for more details on Steam in general). C3/DS, Creatures: The Albian Years and Creatures Village were released on the platform in late 2021.

Changes and Fixes[edit]

The following are fixes and changes that have been confirmed by the game's distributor, Critter Consortium. Please note that they may be subject to change.

Creatures: The Albian Years[edit]

  • Creatures 2 includes the DxWrapper fix so that it can be played without lag on Windows 10.
  • Creatures 2 includes the rare Albian Penguin official COB.


Downloadable Content[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • The install is based on Creatures Gold, which means no hover glitch (in Exodus DS, hovering over items would incorrectly display catalogue messages)
  • In docked DS worlds, grazers should now make the correct sound when startled.
  • The elevators in DS should now be able to fit adult grendels and other large creatures.
  • The import dialog sometimes does not display the correct head. This has been fixed.
  • Errors in the official C3 chemical list have been fixed, and the list itself made into a PDF file. The updated version can be downloaded via Steam.
  • A typo has been fixed in the music script, and so music will now play on the world selector screen.
  • In DS, a script that is supposed to take a photo of dying Creatures has been fixed.
  • An error in Wolf Control when running on fast machines has been fixed (and it is invisible to cameras).
  • Two potential memory leaks (Bramboo in DS and Grazer waste in C3) have been addressed.
  • A black square in the old ettin female's tail sprite has been fixed.
  • Bramboo will no longer go extinct.
  • Red bramboo fruit will no longer only mutate to become very red.
  • Various fixes for the C3 ecology: (man-o-wars have had their egg script fixed, so they can now hatch, water plants added to the Jungle Terrarium so the dragonfly can live there, etc).
  • A bug where dragonflies may go extinct prematurely has been fixed, which in turn makes it less likely that their main predator, the stickletrout, will die off due to a lack of food.
  • The bug where the bodies of deceased creatures would remain until the camera had seen them has been fixed. Now, bodies will disappear after the life event notification of their death has disappeared.

Quality of Life Changes[edit]

  • Docking Station is renamed Creatures Docking Station in this release.
  • Includes the mall breeds that were released for free in 2008 (Astro Norns, Fallow Norns, Harlequin Norns, Magma Norns, Siamese Norns, and Zebra Norns) by default.
  • The game no longer requires installation to My Documents for third-party agents to function correctly.
  • C3 Update #2 is included by default.
  • "Expressive" breeds are now used as default and are no longer listed separately in the egg layers.
  • Chichi Norns will be available in C3 standalone
  • Optional Steam cloud integration
  • The Banshee Grendel updates (expanded + female Grendel voices, and Grendel compatibility scripts in standalone DS) are now part of the DS base build. This means you don't have to inject the "Grendel update" for a new install or into new worlds yourself.
  • Fruits out of reach aren't visible or emit smell anymore.
  • The umbilical is now considered a door instead of an elevator.
  • A language switcher was added so the language in DS can be changed freely between English, German and French.
  • Dead links displayed in the injector were changed.
  • Toxic cookies recipes work by default and do not have to be injected separately.
  • Bacteria will no longer infect Creatures with ATP Decoupler, which is often the cause for many premature deaths due to how fast-acting it is.
  • The default population limit and breeding limit have been increased by 30.
  • The mini empathic vendor was made into an agent so more can be injected.
  • A random breed option, as well as the default ettin and grendel breeds, were added to the egg layer. Muco also has the option to randomise the gender of the eggs laid, and it is no possible to scroll backwards through the breed list via right-clicking.
  • The Holistic Learning Machine will now check if it has been used previously, when activated by a creature, and if it has, it will eject it more quickly and further away, to discourage addiction.
  • A new autonamer was added that will name all creatures instead of only norns.

Creatures Village[edit]

  • No changes have been confirmed for this title.

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