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Steak Potatoes & Fish Dinner

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Creatures 2 COB
Steak Potatoes & Fish Dinner

Steak Potatoes & Fish Dinner

Creator Nina
Download link Iggdrasil
Download mirror 1 Iggdrasil (archive)
Download mirror 2 Creatures Caves

Steak Potatoes & Fish Dinner is a food COB fit for a king, featuring medium-rare steak, locally-sourced potatoes, and two varieties of fish, goldfish and zander fish.

Despite being version 2.0, the version of this COB available from Iggdrasil only includes one of its three dependencies, sp&f.spr, which is packed into the COB file; it is missing stek.spr and swal.wav. The download available from Creatures Caves skirts this issue by including a renamed duplicate of sp&f.spr and a renamed duplicate of the default Creatures 2 eating sound, chwp.wav, which is sufficient for the COB to be successfully injected into a world.

Steak Potatoes & Fish Dinner was created by Nina and was previously hosted on Iggdrasil.

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