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Status bar

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The status bar is a part of the GUI of Creatures and Creatures 2. In both games, it displays the life force of the currently selected creature, and recent major events (the birth or death of a creature, and the fact that an egg has been laid). The player can double click on an event to clear it and move to the appropriate part of Albia. In the case of births and deaths, the appropriate kit is automatically started.

In Creatures 2, the status bar can be switched on or off using the View menu.

In Creatures and Creatures 2, a life force above 75% or so is good health. In Creatures 2 this force is represented by a bar graph rather than a percentage. In C2, if a Norn becomes critically ill, then this bar will flash red. The icon at the far right of the selected norn information (right hand side of the status bar) shows what is most important to the selected Norn at any given time.

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