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Starbucks4ever, also known as Enya, is a member of the Creatures Community who posted on the Gameware Forums until the forum's demise. She has been affectionately nicknamed 'SB4E.'

On a fateful day in January 2007, SB4E was browsing the web for free virtual pet games. She stumbled across the Gameware site, and downloaded Docking Station. From that day on, she was hooked, and joined the CC within a couple weeks, under the name Enya. Thereafter, she purchased the Creatures Triple Pack, and now adores all of the games. After Gameware's data loss due to what has been dubbed "The Big Oops", she rejoined the community under her current username.

On 11 November 2007, she created her own Creatures web site, Kingdom of Aithalis. It featured her genetic breeds, images of norn mutations, quotes from the CC, and a forum (which was a haven for the more offbeat members of the CC).