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Sprite Norn

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plain Sprite Norns

The Sprite Norns are a series of 6 genetic breeds based on an original set of sprites, both by Trix, with the theme of the elemental sprites of mythology. The sprites occupy ettin slot Q. The Sprite Norns are available for download at The Universe of Ettins.

Undine Norns[edit]

Not to be confused with the Undine Norns.

These blue-tinged norns are amphibious and prefer the refreshing cool of underground cave pools. They are disease-prone, but do not experience anger. They can swim with the Creatures Caves Swimming Agent.

Faun Norns[edit]

Gnome Norns[edit]

Salamander Norns[edit]

Sylph Norns[edit]

Nixie Norns[edit]

Banshee Norns[edit]