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Sprite Norn

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plain Sprite Norns

The Sprite Norns are a sprite breed that comes in seven genetic varieties, with both sprites and genetics by Trix. Their theme is the elemental sprites of mythology. The sprites occupy ettin slot Q. The Sprite Norns are available for download at The Universe of Ettins.


Undine Norns[edit]

Not to be confused with the Undine Norns.

These blue-tinged norns are amphibious and prefer the refreshing cool of underground cave pools. They are disease-prone but do not experience anger. They can swim with the Creatures Caves Swimming Agent.

Faun Norns[edit]

Green Sprite Norns that love nature. They like to herd in groups and play with plants and critters. They are herbivores and will not eat critters.

Gnome Norns[edit]

Brown Sprite Norns are extremely shy. They get crowded easily and would prefer to be alone and surrounded by nature. They grow slower than other norns and have a slow metabolism.

Salamander Norns[edit]

Orange Sprite Norns like bright and warm conditions. They can't handle water, so don't leave them near it. They grow faster than average creatures and have a bit of a temper. They are omnivores that will eat critters in addition to other food. Due to their high metabolism, they can handle detritus quite well.

Sylph Norns[edit]

Light Blue Sprite Norns like to travel and explore. If left to their own devices, they'll head up toward sunny and bright places. They love tinkering with machinery, toys and gadgets. They can swim with the Creatures Caves Swimming Agent.

Nixie Norns[edit]

Purple Sprite Norns remain small their entire life. They love company and like to play pranks by stealing equipment. They will also express a lot, so they're pretty noisy.

Banshee Norns[edit]

Red Sprite Norns are easily angered and will hit others. They are, however, sturdy and have a good immune system. They can get by on little food and so are good survivalists.