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A sprite for a COB as displayed in Sprite Workshop - note it has two images contained in the one sprite set.

A sprite is an image used in games from the Creatures series which, in a sprite set, can be the images for a breed of Creatures, or be part of a COB or Agent, or even be part of the world in which your Creatures live.

A sprite set is a collection of sprites used together to create the image of the norn/grendel/ettin/geat or agent/COB.

Where can I find my sprites?[edit]

Creatures 1: \program files\creatures\images\

Creatures 2: \program files\creatures 2\images\

Creatures 3: \program files\creatures 3\images\

Docking Station: \program files\docking station\images\

Which sprites are which?[edit]

You will notice that most sprites have a relatively cryptic name, such as a02d.c16 for the head image for male child breed-slot d (chichi) Norn.

The first character refers to which part of the body it is, the second character is the species and gender, the third character is the life stage of the creature, and the forth character is the breed slot.

Note, in Creatures 1, breed slots were numbered 0-9, so a sprite name could be a029.spr, but in later games they were lettered a-z.

Body parts (first char):

  • 0 = Background
  • A = Head
  • B = Body
  • C = Left thigh
  • D = Left shin
  • E = Left foot
  • F = Right thigh
  • G = Right shin
  • H = Right foot
  • I = Left humerus (upper arm)
  • J = Left radius (forearm)
  • K = Right humerus (upper arm)
  • L = Right radius (forearm)
  • M = Tail root - not present in C1
  • N = Tail tip - not present in C1
  • O = Left ear - present in CV, but supported in DS
  • P = Right ear - present in CV, but supported in DS
  • Q = Hair - present in CV, but supported in DS

Species/Gender (second char):

  • 0 = Male Norn
  • 1 = Male Grendel
  • 2 = Male Ettin
  • 3 = Male Geat
  • 4 = Female Norn
  • 5 = Female Grendel
  • 6 = Female Ettin
  • 7 = Female Geat

Life Stage (third char):

  • 0 = Baby
  • 1 = Child
  • 2 = Adolescent
  • 3 = Youth
  • 4 = Adult
  • 5 = Aged
  • 6 = Senior


Creating sprites[edit]

Grab a dedicated graphics program, like MS Paint, or another program. Draw an image into it, keeping in mind the limitations of the palette (if spriting for C1). For all games, pure black (Hex: #000000) appears transparent in-game. All frames of the same object must be the same size: just fill in the blank space with pure black. Try to keep the blank space to a minimum, though: don't have your object in a vast sea of darkness or it will be larger than you think when you get your object in-game. Save your images in PNG (if you are going to import them into Edos), or 24 bit BMP format (if using SpriteBuilder or the Sprite Workshop).

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