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The Spinnomosa (smooth, light green cactus with spinning seeds, Latin: Spinnomosa aridus) is a badplant in Creatures 2. It is an 'ecological' component of the ecology of Albia, and so it has particular needs for a high light level (over 100) and low levels of inorganic nutrients (between 20 and 80). When interacted with by creatures (or the hand), sharp spines will emerge from its areoles. It also produces "flowers" (which are actually seeds) at night during the Spring.

The seeds are edible, and they give:

Pushing the plant will give creatures:

The Spinnomosa also have a seed launcher available in the world.

Spinnomosa in bloom

Slink created a Cactus Killer which removes both kinds of cactus. Monika created a Cactus Seed Launcher Remover as well.

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