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Spikeocausicus in-game

The Spikeocausius (spiky dark green cactus, Latin: Spikeocausius harmanii) is a badplant in Creatures 2 that grows in the desert. It is an 'ecological' component of the ecology of Albia, and so it has particular needs for a high light level (over 100) and low levels of inorganic nutrients (between 0 and 50). The Spikeocausius is also known to grow in the cellar beneath the incubator area, if the seeds fall down the lift shaft, much to the annoyance of players.

When pushed or pulled, the spikeocausius gives 100 pain increase. Their seeds are inedible.

Please note that there is conflicting information available about its potential to harm - the official C2 Species List asserts that it is harmless. The values above come directly from the scriptorium.

Seed Launcher

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