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The title given to this article is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is spEEdy.

spEEdy (also known as spEEdyMeep, NitGold, NtJstNrns, CoolNorn, JoeyGlider, KupoSneaks, and RingoRacon) is perhaps best known for being the originator of the Naven rumor. spEEdy was a member of the Jolly Weeble Pirates faction's Jolly J.O.B Squad division co-lead by Mannkind and Avatar. His position was Cabin Meep.

  • Not Just Norns
    • members.aol.com/NitGold/chrissuelzle.html (Not an active or archived page.)
    • members.tripod.com/~NotJustNorns/NJN.html (archive)
    • members.mindspring.com/~meepyspeedy (Not an active or archived page.)
    • members.xoom.com/spEEdyNorn (Not an active or archived page.)
  • 'Da Norn Club!
    • members.aol.com/NitGold/danornclub.html (down)
  • WebRing: The spEEdy Webring (No longer active.)

Interesting Facts[edit]

Speedy and Meepers were his hamsters. You can download the Speedy Hamster and Meepers Hamster COBs from Bibbleworld (COB by Bibble, images and idea by spEEdy).

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