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Soft Serve Icecream Cone

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The Soft Serve Icecream Cone could be found at Helen's Bibble Directory, in both C1 and C2 versions.

C1 archive (old link: www.creaturesvillage.com/helen/cobs.php?type=food&gameCode=c1)

C2 archive (old link: www.creaturesvillage.com/helen/cobs.php?type=food&gameCode=c2&ID=62)

Helen says: One of the small mercies of the universe is little kids seem to prefer the 30 cent icecream cones from McDonalds to the expensive icecreams you can buy from places like Baskin Robins. Here's an endless supply of them for when your norns deserve a treat, or when you just want to shut them up for 10 minutes.

The C1 version uses the C1 class numbers:

  • 2 6 67

and clashes with the Kiwi Vine.