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Snake Oil Infusion

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Have you done everything in your power to nurse a sick norn back to health, but it is still sick and dying? Is it on the verge of collapse, and you think that you can't stand one more death? Well, then give Dr. MÈndez's Snake Oil a try! ;-)

The Snake Oil is a rather simple and tactless infusion. It doesn't just monkey around with glucose and such, hoping to nurse them back to health, but instead goes after the antigens and glycotoxin themselves, removing them from the norn's system. It also increases the levels of glucose, starch and glycogen, so that the norn can quickly return to health.

Why such a tactless approach? Well, sometimes you have done all in your power to return them to health, but it won't work. Snake Oil goes after what is causing the problem, instead of trying to help the norn heal itself. If you prefer nursing them, you might want to take a look at my Energy Pill, or at Lee Gaiteri's Chicken Soup.

The Snake Oil infusion uses NO C1 class numbers.