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Slitherer Grendel

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General Information[edit]

The Slitherer Grendels are an idea for an aquatic grendel breed by Grendel Man. They will be a sea-green color, with sea-blue eyes. They have snake-like scales, a sailfish-like fin on their heads, backwards-jutting trapezoid fins instead of ears, and do not blink. Their most noticeable feature is the fact they will have no legs or arms, instead "slithering" along the ground like snakes.

They are fond of the sea, and prefer to live there, although they will like to live ashore. They have an exclusively critter diet, enjoy warm waters, and while generally friendly, they will attack norns from time to time. The Slitherers will occupy Grendel Slot N when finished.


The project is currently on halt, although GM is discussing finishing them, with the help of Erling.

The Slitherers have partially completed leg sprites, which are currently available from Creatures @ CU7, although they were once available from the Gameware Forums before the crash.

They are currently available at The Realm, in the "CU7 Grendel Breeds" pack. This version features altered legs and arms.

A group of slitherer grendels