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Slave was the first norn to be put up for download on AntiNorn's Tortured Norns. She had been taught to call the hand "God".

AntiNorn's description:

Slave, everyone's favorite little drunken Norn. The first tortured Norn ever put online(afaik). Beaten sensless and abused by Grendels. The Norn just about every Norn lover out there has imported into thier world(s) and unwittingly mated to create abnormally drunk children. Wow, I bet they're proud of the fact that they've basically tortured generations of newborns this way. On the original site, you could listen to her being slapped to death.


Editnorn.png Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Slave had a genetic alcohol problem, constantly emitting it, which means that Slave is constantly sleepy and has a high sex drive. She also has a high level of glycotoxin in her bloodstream on import, and her glycogen levels must be carefully monitored. She enjoys herbs, particularly the Potions and Lotions COB. She constantly drops food and is afraid of pushing it. This alt.games.creatures thread has some discussion on how to take care of Slave.