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Skull-shaped basket

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The skull-shaped basket holds all the sanity of many members of the Creatures Community. When someone joins the CC, they're asked to deposit their sanity in the basket which is located next to the entrance. Others prefer to hang on to their sanity for a rainy day.

It is believed by some members that it is possible to retrieve sanity from the baskets should one ever find a way to leave the CC. However, others claim that sanity left in the baskets will decay slowly over time. What is certain is that any sanity not deposited and instead brought into the CC will disappear rapidly in order to allow its' owner to better settle into their new environment.

Tink is usually the one who pops up and greets the people with some new and exciting greeting that probably scares away a few new members, but it is a hoot for older members. Recently EvilSpirit has picked up the phrase, and has scared away many more would-be members.

Hey, who put that there? - EvilSpirit

The welcoming phrase is often something like this: "Welcome to the Creatures Community! Please leave your sanity in the skull-shaped basket near the door and take this complementary fish." accompanied by a fish emoji.

The Forum Skull agent is based off this concept.

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