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Shrimp Eggs (1), Shrimp (2), Purple Shrimp (3), Big Blue Shrimp (4)

The Shrimp are found in the Aquatilis Caverna metaroom. There are many more than one variety of shrimp. They include the:

  • Shrimp
...gorgeous (and precocious) little creatures that infest Aquatilis Caverna... They certainly bright up Aquatilis Caverna, and are one of my favorite creatures! -From the diaries of Terasumaren.

Small crustaceans that seem to survive on... nothing. It is rumoured these critters hold mysterious powers, and the fact that they don't have to eat to survive supports this. They die only if exposed to oxygen, eaten by Jellyfish, or eaten by a norn. Though it comes in several colours, all turn grey when they die. This "stage" propels their tail the slowest and least number of times.

  • Purple Shrimp
...they are a welcome addition to the caverns, and they seem to exert some control over the normal shrimp - maybe some sort of empathic link exists between the shrimp? And they seem to enjoy following norns occasionally... Possibly to make sure they aren't harming the normal shrimp? -From the diaries of Terasumaran.

These beasts seem to only die when eaten. When they are exposed to oxygen, they still live, hanging in mid-air. (This is indeed caused by a glitch, and will be resolved in the next version of Aquatilis Caverna. - Liam) This stage propels their tails the rapidly and the most number of times.

  • Big Blue Shrimp
These are absolutely remarkable critters! They seem related to the Shrimp, possibly yet another example of the magical powers the Shrimp posses? There never seems to be more than one, which I find quite strange. Perhaps it is some sort of leader, or some sort of Shrimp Guardian? -From the diaries of Terasumaren.

Despite many seeing only one at a time, there have been claims that there have been more sightings at once, some say they've seen even three at a time! Though they may still die from exposure to oxygen or being eaten by a norn in one bite, other causes of death when they are in the water are unknown. This "stage" propels their tails at a moderate speed and moderate number of times, but propels themselves the furthest distance.

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