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The Shee Statue in Creatures 2

The Shee are the ancient Albian race responsible for the creation of the Norn, Ettin and Grendel species. They were a unique race in their way of thinking, most likely having invented the steam engine as an offshoot of an attempt to design a better way to brew tea before they invented the wheel. Shee technology was often biologically based, as seen in creations such as the Shee Ark from Creatures 3. Their genetics are diploid, but the genetics of their creations are haploid.

Famous Creatures Shee are depicted in the Creatures manual and Statue of Nornity, the Creatures 2 splash screen and Shee Statue (which has a Secret), the Creatures 3 splash screen, and possibly the Crypt in Creatures 3.

Did you know? In Celtic mythology, The Shee, or more properly, Sidhe (Siðe), were faerie folk. They must have seemed all-powerful to the ordinary humans, as are the Shee to the other Creatures.

A rare Shee sighting?

Known Shee[edit]

The Lone Shee (C3/DS)[edit]

The most famous Shee to date is the Lone Shee, who is said to have left behind a series of notes and journals recording his adventures with the Warp (these events are closely linked to the Docking Station story).

Concept art of Master Shee by Fishing Cactus

Master Shee (Creatures Online/Creatures Alchemist)[edit]

A Shee, known as Master Shee, was intended to appear in the cancelled Creatures game, Creatures Online, and would have acted as the player's in-game guide. He also appears in the spin-off minigame Creatures Alchemist (simply called "The Shee"), where he acts as the player's guide.

Creatures 3D's Shee[edit]

An abandoned Shee colony was set to be part of the Savannah area of Creatures 3D, and several shee characters were included in backstory documents for C3D, mostly with names that included puns. These Shee characters were: "Constructus Unstableous S. MSc" (Senior Engineer and saxophonist), "Prof. Makeous breakeous" (Head technician), "Captain Nicensteadeous" (Pilot and Head Chef), "Baronous Munchousenous" (Explorer and Storyteller - likely named for Baron Munchausen), "Sureous Doomous" (Animal Investigator / Trainer and Scout), "Dr. Bottleous Bubbleous", "Courageous Maximus", "Cannonous Fodderous" (Military Commander and Treasurer), Linneous Unlikeus (Shee Naturalist of the old academy 4502.3684.577 AS (After Sphericus)), and "Marcus Intraneteous" (Explorer of Alternative Realities / Inventor).

Third-party breeds[edit]

Please keep in mind that in C3/DS there is the Wasteland glitch. This can happen when you use geat-based breeds (like Marcus K.'s Shee) in your world.


C3 Shee Render Shee from the Creatures 1 Manual

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