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ShadowChi Norn

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The ShadowChi Norns are a genetic breed for C3 and DS by Grendel Man.

ShadowChi Norns are the light-hating cousins of the common ChiChi Norn. When exposed to too much light, they are sent into great pain, but are otherwise undamaged. If taken out of the light, they recover quickly. A side effect of light is that as long as they are in it, they are unable to breed. The ShadowChi are loners, who will not normally appreciate the presence of others. They also fear grendels and ettins. They need less food than a normal ChiChi Norn, and can eat anything. They use only normal ChiChi sprites (Norn slot D). In C3 Standalone, they will look like civets (Norn slot C) unless the ChiChi sprites are somehow installed.

They come with an agent, the ShadowChi Robot Toy. The Shadow Robot Toy functions like a normal one, but reduces the light in a room greatly, making conditions much more comfortable for the ShadowChi. It is a DS-only agent.

They are available at The Realm, in the "CU7 Norn Breeds" pack.