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Keyboard Shortcuts

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There are several Keyboard Shortcuts in both Creatures 3 and Docking Station that can be of great assistance to the player. Many of the shortcuts are sadly unavailable to Mac users, though some can be restored with the help of the Arrows Patch.

Creatures 3/Docking Station Shortcuts[edit]

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Key Commands Effect
CTRL + Up, Down Cycles through recent phrases spoken by the hand.
CTRL + Left, Right Cycles through items in the Inventory.
TAB Cycles through creatures.
CTRL + R Saves the game.
CTRL + S Repeats the last phrase spoken by the hand.
Page Up, Page Down Cycles through metarooms.
CTRL + 1, 2, 3 Slides the right hand menus in and out.
CTRL + SHIFT + E Creates several Carrots, Lemons, and Justanuts. DS only.
CTRL + SHIFT + W, F, A Toggles Wolf Control options on and off.
CTRL + SHIFT + X Shows X/Y coordinates of the hand.
CTRL + SHIFT + R Shows the room number the hand is currently in.
CTRL + SHIFT + M Starts the Magic Profiler tool.
CTRL + SHIFT + H Finds the Hoverdoc (or reinjects it if it has been autokilled or deleted). DS only.
CTRL + SHIFT + C Opens/Closes the CAOS Command Line.
CTRL + SHIFT + T Shows the classifier number of any agent the hand hovers over. DS only.
CTRL + SHIFT + D Shows the tooltip classifier of an agent.
HOME In C3, returns to the Norn Terrarium. In DS, returns to the first metaroom in the Favorite Places listing, usually the Norn Meso.
END In C3, returns to the Jungle Terrarium. In DS, returns to the last metaroom in the Favorite Places listing.
PAUSE/BREAK Pauses or resumes the game. QuickPause changes this key's functionality.
CTRL + PAUSE/BREAK Quits the game without saving.
INSERT While pressed, clicking a creature anywhere on its body will tickle/reward it.
DELETE While pressed, clicking a creature anywhere on its body will spank/punish it.
SHIFT + ALT + ENTER Switches the game between windowed and full screen mode. The standard windowed mode allows players to use and view other applications at the same time, although full screen mode is the only mode that can run on a 32 bit colour Desktop (as opposed to using 16 bit colour).
F1 F1 turns agent help on and off.