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slink (aka Sandra Linkletter) was a genetic engineer in the Creatures Community. Sandra Linkletter also created the C1 world Terra Nornia. She maintained Slink's Creatures Collection and was responsible for the design of the original genome in Creatures 2, having been contracted by Cyberlife to create it with a beta of the Genetics Editor. She was also active in the community, making over 3500 posts to alt.games.creatures.

Unfortunately, relations soured between slink and Cyberlife, and arguments between the two broke out on a.g.c shortly after the release of Creatures 2; for more details, see Creatures 2 (genome). slink subsequently left the community (just as Cyberlife withdrew from a.g.c.) and removed all Creatures content from her website because she wanted to have more space on her main website, and accordingly certain others were permitted to host it on their sites. This was not an attempt to erase her contributions to the community. She went on to become quite a well known and popular modder of the space station sim, Startopia.

Currently slink's work is available in the Slink's Treasures section at TreeSprite's Creatures Grove, except for Terra Nornia which is available at Muppetboy's Geatville.

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