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Salamander Norn

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Salamander Norns are a genetic breed for C3/DS created by C-Rex.

They eat critters, bugs, detritus and food. They use the sprites of the Toxic Norn and Banshee Grendel. Despite their semi-Toxic appearance, they are still vulnerable to bacteria, although they are immune to geddonase poison, allowing them to eat stingers.

Salamander Norns aren’t ordinary Norns; once hatched their lungs haven’t developed enough to breathe oxygen from the air, so it is vital that you get your Salamander Norn babies to water as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are no bodies of water onboard the Capillata, and the pond in the Norn Terrarium is too small, so it is important that you have downloaded at least one aquatic metaroom. Once Salamander Norns reach youth, their lungs are fully developed and they are now fully amphibious. It is a good idea to encourage your Salamander Norns to lay their eggs in water, as it prevents you having to keep guiding any baby Norns back to the water whenever they hatch.

The Salamander Norns were released as part of the CCSF 2011, and are available for download from The Norn Nebula.