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SEAN is a CAOS function that returns the current season.


Syntax: SEAN

Returns an integer representing the current season - 0 for spring, 1 for summer, 2 for autumn, and 3 for winter.


SEAN can be used to make agents respond to the seasons, by displaying different sprites, by only growing in certain seasons, having different behavior at different parts of the year, etc.

Example for an agent that changes sprites for each season:

doif pose ne sean
	pose sean

Example for an animal that hibernates in winter:

**ov00 represents whether the agent is currently hibernating or not
doif sean eq 3 and ov00 eq 0
	gsub starthibernate
elif sean eq 0 and ov00 eq 1
	gsub endhibernate
elif sean ne 3 and ov00 ne 1
	gsub normal

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