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The Runenstein (Rune Stone) is a random teleporter, but not a normal random teleporter! It was made by Marcus K..

The Runenstein can vary between six different functions:

  • The initial function is that it brings the norns to another Runenstein...
  • If you click on it, it will turn a little green, and it subsequently takes Norns to a plant somewhere in your world.
  • If you click again, it will be yellow (cheese yellow) and bring your Norns to food.
  • If you click it again, it will be red and bring your creatures to other creatures in your world!
  • Then you must click again, and it will be blue and bring Norns to toys.
  • The last click turns it white and causes it to bring your creatures to the Hand.

I´m sure you have much fun with it. ;-)

You can download the Runenstein at Tina's Creatures Paradise.