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Ron's plaster-of-Paris home

Ron was the first ever Norn-- a very smart pre-release Norn that was created in order to demonstrate the Creatures prototype (then known as Small Furry Creatures) to Ron Rivkin, a producer from American Software Corp. At the time, part of the demonstration routine was to name the Norn in the prototype after the person being given the demo. Ron behaved so well, however, that Ian (and later Steve) began naming all demonstration Norns 'Ron' in the hopes that they would be as smart as the original Ron!

Steve Grand once wrote an article entitled "I am Ron's Brain", presumably named after the Reader's Digest article he mentions in one of his books. Data also made him a norndoll called Ron (who has met Steve's Lucy).

The Ron Norns are also a breed contained in the Life Kit for Creatures and Creatures Deluxe, and they were converted for Creatures 3/Docking Station in C12DS.

Ron's House is a metaroom for DS that was created using Ron's plaster-of-Paris burrow for the graphics.

External links[edit]

  • To Name a Norn - the Gameware explanation
  • I am Ron's Brain - A ‘how it works’ guide to the Albia brain model (available for download here or online here
  • Something for lovers of Creatures trivia - Ian Saunter's post about it on the Gameware forums (dead, formerly at gamewaredevelopment.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1085)