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"This robotic spider-rock wanders around the world, occasionally releasing sprays as needed.

If any bacteria are nearby then an anti-bacterial spray is released, and if any creatures are nearby then either a curing spray or a "feel-good" spray is released.

A Roamer in action.

The pink anti-bacterial spray kills any bacteria that the spray clouds touch.

The yellow curing spray reduces disease-related chemicals of any creatures the clouds touch, such as Glycotoxin and Histamines.

The bluey-white "feel-good" spray reduces things such as injury and loneliness of any creatures the clouds touch.

The Roamer itself can also be played with as desired.

After being in a room for a while the Roamer will teleport to another location somewhere in the world."

CAOS for this agent was written by Emmental, and the Sprites were made by Data.

Can be found at Emmental's Docking Station Agents (where it was the most popular download as of February 2006), Norn Trek Academy and Creatures Caves.