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Registry edit

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A registry edit is the term used to describe manual modification of the registry, a VERY dangerous procedure. It's recommended to make backup of your informations on computer. However, with some caution, a registry edit can be done successfully. The original Creatures and Creatures 2 cheats required a modifications to a couple of specific registry entries, but luckily this can be done for you by simply selecting the cheats you wish to enable within the free BoBCoB tool's options menu.


Most registry edits are done using a tool built into every version of windows called regedit.exe. This tool is capable of modifying the various types of data in the registry.

To run regedit, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to an administrator account (or equivalent),
  2. Open the start menu and click Run,
  3. Type regedit in the newly opened Run dialog and click OK.

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