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Red Happy Eaters

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The Red Happy Eaters are an early norn genetic breed for C1 by Frimlin, released around 1998. They have altered and additional genes, as well as all Ron and Forest genes.

Changes include[edit]

  • 0) UK Generation Zero genome loaded as base.
  • 1) All drive decreaser reactions have increased rewards.
  • 2) "User pats me" stimulus gives greater rewards.
  • 3) NFP Decreaser now lowers 2 NFP rather than just 1.
  • 4) The original RHE instinct genes, "pushing food reward" and "pulling food reward" were added.
  • 5) Added 2 male Forest Norn instinct genes, "reward for pushing when bored" and "reward for pulling when bored."
  • 6) Added the glycogen/hunger receptor/emitter genes from the Life Kit.
  • 7) Added the Life Kit "die of old age" receptor gene to curb excessively long lived norns.

They can be downloaded at Eemfoo.org.

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