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Random Relocator

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Random Relocator.png

The Random Relocator is an in-game tool for DS by Allekha, released for the CCSF 2022. It teleports creatures to random locations around the world at set intervals.

The user can set both the time interval and the number of creatures to attempt to teleport at each interval. There are also three options that attempt to make teleportation safer, although safety cannot be guaranteed:

  • The button on the left will attempt to only teleport creatures to rooms on the ground, so that they don't fall long distances
  • The button in the middle will try to avoid teleporting creatures into water rooms
  • The button on the right will try to teleport creatures only into water rooms (note that creatures using a Swimming Agent cannot be teleported)

The agent will also avoid teleporting creatures into the hidden C3 metarooms such as Pinball in docked worlds.