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Rainbow Doozi

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Rainbow Doozies

The Rainbow Doozi Collection is a Creatures 2 COB pack that contains seven different types of Rainbow Doozi, a critter that is closely related to Albia's native Doozers. Like Doozers, they are capable of teaching words to creatures; however, they have separate object numbers and do not show up as Doozers on the Ecology Kit. Each variety teaches a different set of words and has unique behaviors:

  • Red Doozies enjoy playing with the red & white ball and green tennis balls found lying around Albia.
  • Orange Doozies enjoy eating Deathcap Mushrooms, but do not eat the stems.
  • Yellow Doozies like to eat potatoes and red gnats.
  • Green Doozies like to eat ants.
  • Blue Doozies love eating tomatoes and nuts.
  • Purple Doozies love to eat both Spinnomosa and Spikeocausius cactus seeds, showing their joy by also squawking a word.
  • Black Doozies (called White in the COB package's readme) are the most social of the Doozies and squawk a word when they meet another Doozi or Doozer.

Each color of Doozi can be added and removed individually, without affecting Doozers or other Doozies.

The Rainbow Doozi Collection was created by Rick Krebs, with graphics and testing by Wafuru and 565 format sprites by Casey. They are available from Adventures in Nornsitting!.

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