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Radiation Norn

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Female Radiation Norn

The Radiation Norns were created by Geekgirl and can be downloaded at Creaturesfrance.

The Radiation Norns occupy Geat breed slot D. The same slot is used by the Bubble Norns.

The Radiation Norns have been targeted for TreeSprite's Breed Relocation Project due to the clash with the Bubble Norns.

Here's what TreeSprite had to say about the relocation; "As most of the members of the Creatures Community who contacted me expressed that they would like to see this breed relocated, I have done so. Seeing as geekgirl's website isn't around anymore, and I haven't been able to contact her, and as far as I know she didn't put any readme into the zip file with the Radiation norns stating any objections to someone else posting her stuff, I'm happily hosting the repackaged Radiation Norns for Geat Slot C. If anyone knows how to contact Geekgirl, I'd appreciate it if you'd send that information to me so I can ask for permission to host her breed." All credit for breed creation is given to Geekgirl with the download. You may download the Radiation Norns for Geat Slot C here.

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