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Quirky Cookies

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The Quirky Cookies are just extra recipes for the Quirky Cookie Machine that comes with the Treehugger Norn pack. The Toxic Norn pack also contains new Quirky Cookie recipes for Toxic Cookies. It is not reccommended to try to teach a toxic norn to eat these, as they are classified as 'food' and not 'detritus', causing the norn to start trying to eat food.

To use the machine, simply place the ingredients in the basket--do not try to drop the ingredients in from a height-- and click the machine.

An easy way to find new recipes is: if it's not nailed down, try putting it in the cookie machine!

Many people have made extra recipes:

The fruits of the plants in the Life In The Workshop agent available at the Hardman Haven can be made into Quirky Cookies.

Geekgirl from The C-Files also made some Quirky Cookies; unfortunately, they aren't available there any longer.

Edash also has a few Quirky Cookie recipes which are available at an archive of his old site.

GameFreak has made a utility to enable you to make Quirky Cookie recipes easily - it's called Cookie Maker.

Official Quirky Cookie Recipes[edit]

Standard Creatures 3 Set[edit]

Angelfish cookie 1 angelfish
Ant cookie 1 ant
Apple cookie 1 apple
Balloon bug cookie 1 balloon bug
Bee cookie 1 bee
Bone cookie 1 bone
Butterfly cookie 1 butterly
Cacbana cookie 1 cacbana seed
Cheese cookie 1 cheese wedge
Clownfish cookie 1 clownfish
Dragonfly cookie 1 dragonfly
Frosted cookie.PNG
Frosted cookie almost anything, as long as it isn't a cookie recipe. A plain cookie works well.
Fungi cookie 1 fungus
Fungi spore cookie 1 fungus spore
Handlefish cookie 1 handlefish
Hedgehog cookie 1 hedgehog
Hummingbird cookie 1 hummingbird
Man-o-war cookie 1 man-o-war
Neonfish cookie 1 neonfish
Pumperspikle cookie 1 pumperspikle seed
Plain cookie.png
Plain cookie nothing
Rock cookie 1 rock
Tendril seed cookie 1 tendril seed
Trout cookie 1 stickltrout
Wasp cookie 1 wasp
Wyst cookie 1 wyst

Docking Station Required[edit]

Bramboo cookie.PNG
Bramboo Berry Cookie 1 bramboo (random colour not determined by bramboo fruit)
Commedia cookie.PNG
Commedia cookie 1 commedia (To fit it in the machine, make it transform into something small. Don't worry, it'll come back!)
Explodanut cookie.PNG
Explodonut cookie 1 explodonut
Justanut cookie.PNG
Justanut cookie 1 justanut
Lemon cookie.PNG
Lemon cookie 1 lemon
Peaking cookie.PNG
Peaking pie cookie 1 peaking pie
Snotrock cookie.PNG
Snotrock cookie 1 snotrock
Star cookie.PNG
Star seed cookie 1 star seed
Stinger cookie.PNG
Stinger cookie 1 stinger
Tuba cookie.PNG
Tuba cookie 1 tuba
Tuba seed cookie 1 tuba seed

Add-on Packs Required[edit]

Awkwood cookie.PNG
Awkwood Cookie 1 awkwood growth (Hardman Norn pack)
Chili cookie.PNG
Chilli pepper cookie 1 chilli pepper (Hardman Norn pack)
Crobster bit cookie.PNG
Crobster cookie 1 crobster bit (Bondi Norn pack)
Crobster egg cookie 1 crobster egg pile (Bondi Norn pack)
Pappus cookie.PNG
Popping Pappus cookie 1 pappus plant (Treehugger Norn pack)
Pappus seed cookie 1 pappus seed (Treehugger Norn pack)

Toxic Cookies[edit]

Cabbage cookie.png
Cabbage Cookie 1 cabbage (from the Toxic Trashcan)
Can cookie.png
Drink Can cookie 1 drink can (from the Toxic Trashcan)
Fishhead cookie.png
Fish head cookie 1 fish skeleton (from the Toxic Trashcan)
Cack cookie.png
Cack egg cookie 1 cack (from the Cack-in-a-Box)
Stinky cookie.png
Stinky cookie 1 stinky stump waste
Hoverhook cookie.png
Hoverhook bouncer cookie 1 hoverhook bouncer
Bouncer cookie.png
Trapdoor bounder cookie 1 trapdoor bouncer
Slinker cookie.png
Trapdoor slinker cookie 1 trapdoor slinker OR 1 trapdoor slinker shadow

Special Cookies[edit]

Flower cookie.PNG
Flower Cookie 1 quirky cookie, 1 tuba, 1 snotrock OR 1 bee, 1 cheese wedge
Happy cookie.PNG
Happy face cookie 2 bramboo berries, 1 stinger OR 2 fungi, 1 wasp
Heart cookie.PNG
Heart cookie 3 peaking pies OR 2 apples, 1 balloon bug
Peace cookie.PNG
Peace cookie 1 explodonut, 2 lemons OR 2 cheese wedges, 1 fungus
Ying yang cookie.PNG
Ying yang cookie 1 explodonut, 1 justanuts, 1 star seed OR 1 apple, 2 pumperspikle seeds

Third-Party Cookie Recipes[edit]


  • Atomic Tea Cookie- 1 atomic tea cup (from her atomic teacup agent)
  • Bug Ball Cookie- 1 bug ball bit (from her exploding bug ball agent)
  • Candied Bug Cookie- 1 candied bug (from her candied bug vendor agent)
  • Expresso Bean Cookie- 1 chocolate covered expresso bean (from her expresso bean cup agent)
  • Flame Cookie- 1 lemon, 1 bramboo berry, 1 justanut
  • Forum Skull Food Cookie- 1 forum skull food (from her forum skull agent)
  • Forum Skull Toy Cookie- 1 forum skull toy (from her forum skull agent)
  • Halloween Cookies (from her Halloween Tree agent)
    • Black Cat Cookie, Ghost Cookie, Pumpkin Cookie, or Witch Hat Cookie- 1 seed or fruit of any variety
    • Midnight Cookie, Staring Cookie, Shadows Cookie, or Trick or Treat Cookie- 2 seeds OR 2 fruits OR 1 seed, 1 fruit
    • Branch Cookie, Full Moon Cookie, Scardey Cat Cookie or Spirit Flame Cookie- 3 seeds OR 3 fruits OR 2 seeds, 1 fruit OR 1 seed, 2 fruits
  • Icky Cookie- 1 quirky cookie, 1 cack, 1 detritus thing (cack and detritus thing come with the Toxic Norn pack)
  • Magma Cookie- 1 lemon, 2 quirky cookies
  • Muffin Cookie- 1 muffin (from her muffin machine agent)
  • Pickel Cookie- 1 pickel (from her pickel vendor agent)
  • Stellar Cookie- 1 star seed, 2 quirky cookies
  • Tasty Seed Cookie- 1 tasty seed (from her Goober the Rat agent)


  • Rubber Cookie
  • Heavy Metal Cookie
  • Power Cookie
  • Grendel Cookie



This agent has not been tested with OS X Creatures