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Gender: Female

Docking Station ID: Pyroraptor

Website: Breeders Beware

Pyroraptor was the creator of the Breeders Beware web site, a novice coder who frequented Albia2000 until dissatisfaction and pressing concerns in real life led her to leave the community in 2007.


Pyroraptor came up with numerous concepts, including:

  • The original SRS Bai-Loki, a large project including multiple metarooms encompassing a "Shee Research Ship", as well as a variety of new plants, critters, agents and breeds. Despite the loss of the original sprites when Pyroraptor's computer was stolen, Ghosthande still intends to complete it some day.
  • Shadow Norns, based on the videogame character Shadow the Hedgehog. The project stalled due to body data conflicts and the remaining sprites were lost along with the original Bai-Loki material.
  • Chao Norns, an ambitious collaboration with Dracomageat. The breed was planned to come with their own metaroom and critters, along with the ability to change appearance based on environmental stimuli.
  • Morzin Grendels, a cold-loving but bizarre-looking Grendel breed.
  • NiGHTS Dolls. Originally created for one of the CCSF's, it was submitted but never released. Years later the original sprites were salvaged and the toy was released for the CCSF 2008.
  • Floating Fish Toy. Originally a collaboration with some of the other members of Albia2000, it suffered the same fate as the NiGHTS Dolls. Nothing remains of it to be salvaged but it was later reinvisioned for the Fun in the Sun agent pack.

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