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Purple Mountain Norn

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Female child with ball.

The Purple Mountain Norns (PMNs) were the second new breed released by Cyberlife. The initial pack included the first two norns of their kind: Aaron (high mountain) and Sandy (helper of humanity). According to the story, they originated from the Purple Mountains of Albia, which are commonly seen in the backdrop of the game itself.


As their name suggests, these norns are purple and fluffy to accommodate their chilly habitat. Their hair is a silvery-violet color, and like the Pixie Norns, they have colored bands on their arms. Males have blue-green eyes, small, puffy tails, and thick hair atop their heads (most which is, sadly, lost when they reach the elderly life stage). The females wear copious amounts of make-up (including thick, 80s-style bright blue eye shadow and ruby-red lipstick), and wear their long hair and tails in pony-tails. Unlike earlier Creatures breeds, these norns actually shrink in stature upon reaching the elderly life stage. The Purple Mountain Norns occupy breed slot 4 in Creatures. Norngirl has created a sprite fix for the male Purple Mountain Norns which changes their eye color to blue and gives them pink inner ears (PMNmalefix_C1.rar).

This breed is also available in Creatures 2 via the Nornverter. An error with the C2 converted Purple Mountain Norns is that they, like the C2 Forest Norn and Ron Norns, have two tails. Norngirl made a patch for this, (NoXtraTail_RonPMNForest_C2.rar), available for download via her website.

The Purple Mountain Norns have been converted for use in C12DS.

The C12DS norns now have a CFE option, found here: [1]

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