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Purple Mountain Hootch

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Purple Mountain Hootch

After a recent tremor caused by the Creatures Community Spirit Festival party, something called 'drink' has rolled down from the Purple Mountains of Albia to the delight of your PM, Forest and Ron Norns!

These 5-sip, non-biodegradeable cans of hootch can be refilled by the Albian Hootch Still, and one sip will give your norn:

Its class number is 2 7 80, and it is currently being hosted by Creatures Caves, Lil' Norn Town and the CCSF 2005 site.

It clashes with the Hot Tea by Jan Martin.

Did You Know?: There is a post on AGC dating from December 1997 about making a "Purple Mountain Norn Hootch". :) It only took 7 years!