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Prostaglandin is an important organ healing chemical introduced in Creatures 2.

In C2, injury and amino acid or injury and fatty acid stimulate the production of prostaglandin in the bones. The presence of glucose and injury stimulates the production of adrenaline and prostaglandin. The Gelsemium and Bryonia Berry were an additional source of prostaglandin in the game. Because the bones are attacked by heavy metal poisoning, spending time near the volcano can destroy a creature's ability to produce prostaglandin.[1]

In C3/DS, it can be created in the bones from Amino Acid and Fatty Acid, and it can also break down into Amino Acid and Fatty Acid. The immune system causes it to react with stress, also converting it into Fatty Acid. It typically has a very short half-life. The Panatreea Potion included with the fragile Treehugger Norns includes a large amount of prostaglandin.