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Progesterone is a chemical used in the reproductive system in the Creatures series.

It is created by female creatures when they are pregnant, and reacts with oestrogen to make them temporarily infertile. Over the course of a pregnancy, progesterone builds up in a creature, until a certain point is reached. When the progesterone is high enough, this triggers the female to lay her egg. After this occurs, the progesterone will decay away until the normal fertility cycle resumes.

In C3/DS the presence of progesterone in a female creature will cause her stomach to slowly enlarge, giving the impression of pregnancy, even if she isn't actually pregnant. Progesterone production and decay can be monitored by the Pregnancy Indication Device in C3 or the Hoverdoc in DS.

It is chemical number 66 in the C1 Chemical List and can be increased by using a macro, chemical number 108 in the C2 Chemical List, and chemical number 48 in the C3 Chemical List.