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Pregnancy Tool Kit

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Pregnancy Toolkit

By LummoxJR, this Pregnancy Tool Kit includes:

Pauses all eggs in the game at the time it is used, causing them to grow to full size instantly, and stopping them from hatching.

  • Egg Unpauser

Causes all eggs to start growing and hatching again.

  • C-Section

Removes the egg from the selected pregnant Norn and places it next to her, just like if she had just laid the egg.

  • Full Term

The currently selected Norn, if pregnant, will immediately be injected with enough progesterone to bring on labour.

The currently selected Norn or Grendel (a male or a non-pregnant female) is injected with a major increase in sex drive and fertility.

It can be downloaded from Muppetboy's Geatville, under The COB Vault section of the site.

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