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Potato (C2)

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The Potato (Solanum tuberosum) is a plant in Creatures 2. It is classified as a root. It is an ecological plant, which means it has certain requirements to grow. It requires inorganic nutrients between 130 and 200, though it has a 50% chance of dying at the ranges of 130-150 and 180-200, and it also requires a temperature between 30 and 225.

The appearance of the potato is generally disliked, and several sprite replacements are available.

It can be monitored in the Ecology Kit.

When eaten, it gives:

Please note that there is conflicting information available about its edibility - the official C2 Species List asserts that it is inedible. The values above come directly from the scriptorium. Zap created a Modified Carrots & Potatoes COB which altered the potatoes to be invisible until they were ripe and make a noise when they were eaten.

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