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Population Control Norn

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The Population Control Norns are a genetic breed by Marcus K. As their name suggests, they have a built-in population control: the females can lay a maximum of four eggs, and then they die. Other features include:

  • Additional, modified immune system that helps them survive severe illness and poisoning by falling asleep
  • Longer lifespan than usual
  • Natural fear of water
  • Shy and timid in nature
  • Males can, however, act defensively if attacked when a female or egg is nearby
  • They don't need Norn Home smell to feel at home; the scent of food does that for them

They are available at Mummy's Creatures. They use Civet Norn, Zebra Norn, and Fimbul Norn sprites - females with Fimbul heads can only lay two eggs, females with Civet heads can lay three, and females with Zebra heads can lay up to four eggs.