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Polar Norn

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Polar Norns are a genetic breed made by Ping for the original game.

They were described in the readme thusly:

"These Norns come from the high Albian mountains... thus their resemblance to their Cousins: The Purple Mountain Norns. These Norns are ideal for Wolfling runs, and have been known to outlast other Norns in these tests. But only 1 has proved that he is allmighty.... a Norn by the name of Pro.. who would not die, even the Deadly Carrion Virus could not even put a dent in his Life Force, and he still lives in his Own Personal Polar Norn Albia to this day, at the age of 28hrs 49mins. Also included in this pack, is the Polar Norn base .gen file... mainly for geneticists who want to know what makes them Tick... this also has all the Original Names and Information in it.

Extra Details: these are the only Norns in existence that have a sort of... Sense of "smell" if you will. They can Smell herbs, food, weeds, other Norns and even The Grendel.

Norns in this pack....

Sylver: Female Blue Fox Norn with Purple Mountain Norn legs and Arms... Brad: Male Blue Fox Norn with Purple Mountain Norn legs and Arms... 16th Feb 1998: Thanks to information supplied by Paul Dobson, I have completed the Polar Norns, and have created one of the most asked for genes; the Grendel smells bad instinct here is a list of new instincts and stimulus...

Female Norns Smell Good (Adolescence /m) Chase Females (Adolescence /m) Food smells Good (Santa and forest gene) Weeds smells Bad (Santa and forest gene) Eat Food <2> (modified) Sleeping Re-charge Act 1 when Hunger (modifed by Me) Eat Food <3> (double modified) Run from Weeds Travelling is good Avoid bumping into wall Unrecognised Words Bore me (adult) Seek out others when Lonely Seek out Females (Adolescence /m) Stay near your child (Adult /f) Hotness makes me tired (reaction) Males Reaction to females (joint Instinct/double Reaction) Female Reaction to Males (joint Instinct/double Reaction) Grendel Smells Bad (thanks to Paul Dobson) Run from Grendel Self Defence against Grendel Fear Reduces Boredom (reaction) Plus many other Genes edited (ie. Glycotoxin doesn't harm as much as it normally would. But Fever Toxin is deadly) (CrEd)its: Daniel Silverstone for CrEd32, Cyberlife for the Genetics Kit, Daljit of NORN, Koolpac, Victoria Smith and Frazz for help with pointing out errors in the original Polar Norns. Everyone who didn't call me stupid when I lost the original genome in a Battery Crash. Paul Dobson for the Neural ID# for Grendels, which helped make The Grendel Smells bad, Run From Grendel and Slap Grendel genes."

They were probably once hosted on Ping's Creatureslife.

They are now available to download at Muppetboy's Geatville.